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HCG Ultra Testimonials

Kristen lost 59 Pounds - She's Ready for the Beach.


My name is Kristin, I am 28 years old. I am 5'6 and used to weigh 175 pounds. I was really unhappy with the way I looked. I tried personal trainers, group exercise classes and many other diets but nothing worked out for me. My girlfriend told me about HCG - I was skeptical at first but then I thought I had nothing to lose. I ordered the drops online and received them right away. I was extremely strict and followed the diet 100%. I weighed my food and measured my fruits and veggies. I weighed myself every day and couldn't believe it when I saw instant results.

In 5 months I got myself down to 116! I couldn't believe it. Not only do I look great, I feel great! But you have to stick to the diet. People think you take the drops and magically become thin overnight, but It's the combination of the drops with the diet. I now tell everyone about this diet. It's the best thing I ever did. I still thank my girlfriend to this day. Thank you HCG I couldn't look this good without your help :)


Justin lost 115 lbs!

I just wanted to to share some before and after photos, along with a big thank you to HCG.

Unfortunately I have very stretched out skin, but I am proud of my achievement. Going on this 2 year journey I have since developed a passion for fitness. Thank you so much for your product it has totally changed my life!!


David is down 130 lbs - Hear it in his own words.

David's Testimony After 12 Months:

My HCG diet journey began on November 27, 2011. I tipped the scale at 351 pounds. I suffer from chronic nerve which is a condition that just about rules out the possibility of walking short distances, let alone participate in any kind of exercise. I experience pain just about all the time and to execute even the simplest movement requires a great deal of effort. My additional body weight from years of disability, extra weight, pain and the inability to exercise brought me to the point of where I thought weight loss was not ever going to be possible. To my surprise, I lost 25 pounds by November 30 2011. 

By January 23, 2012, and thanks to God’s great glory, I am now below 300 pounds. Losing 50 pounds has been an incredible motivator for me to continue to lose weight and improve my health and my life. I am continuing my HCG diet program until I reach my goal of weighing 225 pounds. When I reach that goal, I will have lost a grand total of 225 pounds. Thank you, David


Terri, down 65 lbs and feeling great!

This is my HCG story...

The day my oldest daughter was married, I weighed 238 pounds. It was the heaviest I had ever weighed in my life at 5’-3” I was carrying quite a bit of weight for a person of my stature. I did not deny I was heavy and I had tried many different diets in the past, but had no success. I was looking for a more diet friendly method to lose and discovered HCG Ultra Diet Drops. According to HCG diet drops reviews; I had found the number 1 diet method being Homeopathic in nature was an added bonus. I had nothing to lose, so I decided to try the HCG drops.

My story begins when I was taking medication for depression and high blood pressure. Every time I had my blood checked it was totally out of control. I was also suffering from high triglycerides and cholesterol.  I began using the HCG drops at the end of September 2011. Much to my surprise and relief, I began losing weight immediately and it was noticeable right out of the gate. My friends did not hesitate to ask me how I was losing weight and I did not hesitate to tell them about HCG diet drops and even encouraged them to read some of the HCG drops reviews. 

Some of my friends ordered the drops and began losing weight immediately. I felt great because I was losing weight and my friends were also losing weight using the same method as me. One of the upsides to using HCG diet drops was increasing energy levels as the weight fell away. The best part was I was not hungry, even though the program utilizes a low calorie diet. For anyone who is looking for a way to lose weight, I recommend HCG diet pills and the program. If you eat what is included in the plan and drink the required amount of water, you will enjoy weight loss and feel so much better about yourself. I was never one to exercise and the HCG plan made encourages a little bit of exercise, but it is not mandatory to make the weight loss program work.

I continued with the HCG diet until Thanksgiving and lost 45+ pounds. I discontinued the drops until after the holidays and started back using them in January 2012 and continued until March. I lost a grand total of, are you ready for this, 172 pounds. My clothes size decreased from a size 22 to a size 14 and there are some clothes I can wear in a size 12. My last set of blood work showed everything was in the normal range!

My doctor was very surprised and asked me what I had done. I told him about the HCG diet and he told me to keep doing what I was doing. I am no longer taking any medication for depression and high blood pressure per my doctor. My second set of blood work taken since I have lost weight also came back in the normal range. The HCG diet drops have completely changed my life and I feel better about myself and my body.

As of today, I have lost a total of 65 pounds and I am back to using the drops to complete my weight loss journey. I took a short break due to some financial issues and my dad’s health, but I will continue to lose weight again once I get everything squared away.

I will keep you posted on the final outcome. Thanks to the original HCG Ultra Diet!!!


Dana Lost 60 lbs and is getting younger with HCG Ultra!!!

Dear HCG Ultra,

I am sold on this product. Along with losing the weight I was able to reduce my high blood pressure and diabetic medicines by 50%. One medication I was able to eliminate. My energy level has increased and I swear it has added years to my life as I am 66 years old. Thank you.

Dana from AZ


Sheri dropped 177 lbs with HCG!

My name is Sheri, I am 49 yrs old. I started my HCG lifestyle change back on October 15, 2011. My Mom shared with me that my Aunt had a good friend (Traci) who was doing good while taking the drops. My Aunt shared her pictures and video with me. Traci was an actual person who was real (and not photoshopped into pictures) who was using the drops and they were working for her! I was convinced and knew that this was the plan for me. I have had weight issues all my adult life, and after having 2 wonderful boys the weight just kept coming. I am a preshool teacher and as the weight came on I was less energetic for my kiddos and relied a lot on my staff to do jobs that I should have been doing myself. Two years ago I fractured my ankle and was not able to bear weight on it for 3 1/2 months, this pretty much sealed the deal with my weight gain. I was embarrassed when the doctor told me that I would heal faster if they could do surgery, but felt it was not an option since there was too much fat surrounding the fractured area.

I was 330 lbs when I was shown Traci's accomplishment on HCG. I am so thankful to her for being there when I got started and for the support she has given me through my weight loss journey. So, like I said, I started on October 15, 2011 at 330 lbs, it is now October 2012, it has been almost 12 months while being on HCG. I have not cheated once, I was determined to stick with it not only for me and my health, but for my family and friends that have Loved and helped me no matter how I looked. I have released 177 lbs so far, my goal is 200 lbs released, I am 23 lbs away from my goal and still determined as ever to reach it and stay there. My Doctor has been trying for awhile to put me on high blood pressure meds and at last check-up, my blood pressure is normal and oxygen levels are excellent. I was able to buy a blouse the other day from the girls dept, YES! I said girls. It was a large 12/14, it was on sale I figured I'd get it anyway not even thinking it would fit yet. I went home tried it on for grins and it FIT! So excited, and as you see in my after photo I am now wearing jeans, I haven't worn Jeans for over 20 yrs, I cried when I put them on and they fit. Now when I walk into my Husband's hardware store he says "there's my skinny wife".

I feel ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL and have inspired some friends to try HCG as well and they are doing great. I still have those problem leg areas, but I am shrinking every day and I know and feel in my heart that I will reach my goal and stay this way. Thank you is not enough to express to you (Traci) for entering my life, and thank you to my Aunt for knowing you and to my family and friends who have supported me through my HCG journey. AND thank you to HCG, you have changed or better said, "saved” my life.

Sheri from CA

Karen is 36 lbs lighter with 28 inch waist!

At one time, I weighed 203 pounds. I know I had to lose weight and I researched various methods. I read HCG Diet Drop reviews and decided to give the program a chance. I am 36 pounds lighter and I feel great! My goal is to lose another 43 pounds and I know I can do it. My husband did not have much faith in my ability to lose weight, but after my first week on the HCG plan, he saw the weight just fall away and he became a believer. My clothes size was an 18 and now I wear a 10/12. I will continue with the drops until I reach my goal weight. Thank you, HCG, for a great diet plan!

Karen M.


Karina is down 71 lbs and still falling!

My weight challenge has gone on for 23 years and nothing I tried ever helped me lose weight. I tried exercise and no matter what workout method I tried, worked. One month I walked more than 320 miles and lost 1 pound. That did nothing for any motivation I was trying to generate. I started taking HCG Diet Drops and could not be happier with the results. I have managed to drop a ton of fat from my waist, thighs and hips. Thank you, HCG!.

Karina R.

Karla lost 35 lbs so far and her husband lost 37 lbs in a battle of the weight loss challenge!

I fought my weight for many years and discovered I was nothing more than a yo-yo dieter. I would lose 30 pounds, but pile 40 back on. I would lose 65 pounds and suddenly 80 pounds would suddenly appear. Nine months after I gave birth to my second child, I found myself weighing 220 pounds. Having two children to run around after provided the motivation I needed to lose weight. My next shot at weight loss was with pre-packaged diet foods.  That plan backfired and I gained 30 pounds. While looking for another method of dieting, I found a few HCG Ultra reviews and decided to give the program a try. I started using the HCG drops and have lost 35 pounds in 40 days and my husband lost 37 pounds in 40 days. I watch what I eat and the more weight I lose, the more I am motivated to continue. We are both happier with our loves and with renewed energy we are able to keep up with the kids. It is all thanks to HCG Ultra Diet.


Karla C.

Traci: Lost over 180 pounds so far!

I want to share my life changing experience I experienced on Monday and I want to share that story with you. We were in San Francisco on business and found ourselves with a few spare moments. We walked into SAKS (I just love SAKS) and I was approached by a sales associate. “Hi, honey. Would you like to try on this dress?” (It was an Oscar de la Renta and the price tag was $3,200) I looked at the sales associate like a deer caught in headlights. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever be able to walk into a salon and slip into anything much less a couture dress. I felt the tears well up and tried to decide if this was a cruel joke or did the sales associate really think I could wear such a fabulous dress. I threw caution to the wind and tried it on. The dress slipped on effortlessly and I was in heaven. I could only fit into that dress because I lost 172 pounds on the HCG Ultra Diet plan and I thank HCG every day.

Traci, CA

Sandy lost 95 lbs very FAST!

My name is Sandy and my childhood was hell, literally hell. I was the subject of abuse from age 4 to 14 and I found solace in food to block out my traumatic experience. Needless to say, I gained a lot of weight. At my heaviest I was 100 pounds overweight. Even after giving birth to two beautiful children I could not seem to kick the bad weight habit. I found HCG Ultra through a friend and I am proud to say I have lost just about all the weight I wanted to lose.  I am 95 pounds lighter, thanks to HCG diet drops.


Sandy, CA

Brenda:  It only took 67 days, but I down 8 dress sizes!

My name is Brenda and I am proud to report I lost 80 pounds. You read that right, it was 80 pounds. I met two friends at church one day who did not even recognize me, the change was that drastic. I am a mother of 4 kids and a grandmother of 4. I love my kids and grand kids, but they have taken a toll on me. My most recent top weight was 250 pounds and not a weight I wanted to carry around at my age. I frequented fast food restaurants, but have broken that habit. I have regained my self esteem and have control over my life.  I have lost a lot of weight from my waits and hips and I would not have made it possible without HCG drops. I have not reached my desired weight yet, but I am on my way and I will get their someday soon.
Brenda, Brooklyn Heights, MN.

Brenda, Brooklyn Park MN

Jonathan ditched 57 pounds in less than 71 days!

I have tried to lose weight in the past, but nothing ever worked. I weighed in at 350 pounds and for a 5 foot 6 inch person that is a great deal of weight. I weighed 263 pounds when I began the HCG drops diet and I now weigh 205 pounds. The first 7 days I experienced a 15 pound loss. I was excited and motivated to lose more. I lost 57 pounds in 10 weeks and most of it was fat around the waist. I am thankful to HCG diet drops for making my weight loss possible.                                                                                            Jonathan 

Mindy is minus 37 lbs and still Losin’ it!

I began the HCG weight loss program after a family member had great success losing weight. I couldn’t believe how well it worked. I weighed 217 pounds and I had a hard time moving. I was tired and lethargic all time and was miserable. This was quite a contrast to when I was 9 years old and ranked 3rd in the entire USA for cross country running. I want to get back to running and losing weight seems like the ideal place to start.  I still have weight to lose, but I am on my weigh and I feel great. HCG has cut my appetite and I find the meal plan make it easy to stick to a diet.  Thank you so much!

Mindy H, CA

Matt lost 19 lbs in 21 days!!!!

I am amazed by HCG Ultra. I have been carrying around about 30 pounds for many years. I gave up trying to lose that weight a long time ago.  After 3 weeks of HCG I lost 19 pounds of fat from around my waist. My weight was 215 before HCG and it is now 196 pounds. The only life change I made was to use the drops and follow the HCG diet drops. This is such an incredible change for me and I love everything about it. The meal plan keeps me feeling full. Much Thanks!

Matt, ID

Amy is down 16 lbs in 28 days!

I have always had a struggle with weight and my doctor told me if I could just get started losing weight, my body would kick in and help out.  HCG diet drops was suggested as a weight loss method and I took that suggestion to heart. I started losing weight with HCG and my body has kicked in with some help. In just 4 weeks, I have lost 16 pounds. The first two weeks seemed slow weight loss wise, but now my body is in full weight loss mode and I could not be happier. Thanks HCG!

Thanks Amy, SC

Jim: 15 Pounds down in 15 Days

On the weight loss scale, I give HCG diet drops very high marks. I lost 15 pounds in just 15 days and it has been a thrill.  My health is much better and I have a lot more energy. I also have a much better attitude. I will admit, there were days I didn’t make the water goal of drinking 10 to 12 glasses. There were also some days I skipped a meal. I think that is what caused me to plateau for a few days. I can’t stress the importance of drinking water and fasting only interrupts the diet process and causes weight gain.  I will say I am pleased with the results and recommend HCG to anyone who wants to lose weight.

I'm a believer! -Jim


Laura: 8 Pounds in 5 Days!

In 5 days, I have shed 8 pounds and I have found it very easy to accomplish. I have tried a number of different diets and this is the only one that has truly worked for me. I need to drop 35 pounds more, but I am on my way. I appreciate how easy HCG has made losing weight by following the meal plan and using the diet drops. The drops are not bad tasting, either, which is a plus. I love my new look.


Erik: Lost 22 Pounds in 30 Days!

I began the HCG diet 4 weeks ago and I just love the program. The program is very easy to follow and I have almost reached my weight loss goal. I dropped a total of 22 pounds in 30 days. My goal was to lose 25 pounds in those 30 days, but I am happy to lose those 22. The last three will be easy. 

All the best,

Alan: Down 10 in 14 days!

I am 47 years old and 6’-3” tall. I weighed 211 pounds, with 18.5% body fat, when I began the program three weeks ago. My weight loss goal is to lose 10 to 15 pounds and diminish my body fat to 2 to 3%. After two weeks of much disciplined dieting, my weight was down to 201 pounds and 16% body fat. Of the 10 pounds lost, 7 of those were fat. My waist shrank from 34-35” to 33”. At the start of week three, I doubled my ingestion of protein and increased my calorie intake to about 1,000 calories per day. I have gained 1 pound over the week and added nothing to my waist.

Very happy. Best, Alan

Todd: 18 Pounds down in 28 Days

I began the HCG diet four weeks ago and lost 18 pounds. I feel great and could not be happier. My weight loss goal is another 20 pounds and that will be achieved in no time at all. I have more energy and strength than I have ever had. I will reach my goal of 20 pounds lost in about 4 days. 

Thanks, Todd

Kim: Losing the Stubborn Fat is easy with HCG

I was very sceptical that I could eat a 500 calorie diet and still function. I discovered if I drank the 100 ounces of water and used the diet drops in conjunction with the low calorie diet, I would lose weight. I swear the drops are magical because I just love food, especially all the food that is not good for me. The places where the weight is disappearing in all the places I lose weight last when dieting. I highly recommend this diet to everyone and will add a few HCG Ultra reviews for all to read.


Wendy lost 8 Pounds in 10 Days!

I am active mother of 5 kids. Even though my normal routine is a workout 4 to 5 times each week, I still have trouble losing those last few pesky pounds, especially in the specific areas of my body. HCG diet drops helped me lose those last few pounds and I lost them in the areas I always wanted to lose them. Thanks HCG Ultra! 


Terese dropped 75 Pounds in 90 Days and is darn proud of it!!!!!

I started the HCG diet when I weighed in at 255 pounds. I tried everything I knew to lose weight, but failed at every attempt. I was beginning to really hate myself. I finally started using the HCG diet drops after reading HCG drops reviews, and now I weigh a mere 180 pounds. I stopped the diet drops for a while, but I am back at it again and am losing weight. I have my life back and I even go to the gym.

Thank U for giving me myself back.


William lost 15 Pounds in 7 Days!

For my entire life, I have carried extra weight around and nothing I tried seems to help me shake those pesky pounds. I was excited to try HCG and attended a clinic that charges $700 to $1,000 for the treatments. When I discovered the HCG diet drops, I was excited as it was a lot more affordable than going to a clinic. After a week on the HCG diet, I lost 15 pounds. I could barely believe my eyes when I saw the weight loss results. I feel better than I have in years and I am shedding fat from areas that always was trouble for me. Incredible.

William M.

Phil H. - 36 Pounds in 30 Days

Weight loss has always been a struggle for me. My family struggles with Hypo-Thyroidism and though I have not been diagnosed with it, it makes sense that I gain weight quickly. The HCG diet became the best diet solution for me. The HXG diet showed me how to control portion sizes and helped me tell the difference between hunger and thirst. I lost 36 pounds in just 30 days and sometimes as much as 2 pounds a day the first week.
I have mixed my own HCG and tried HCG Ultra and the HCG Ultra Diet Drops are better than anything I have ever tried.

Thank you HCG Ultra for helping me feel better inside and out.

Phil H.

I fought my weight for many years and discovered I was nothing more than a yo-yo dieter. I would lose 30 pounds, but pile 40 back on. I would lose 65 pounds and suddenly 80 pounds would suddenly appear. Nine months after I gave birth to my second child, I found myself weighing 220 pounds. Having two children to run around after provided the motivation I needed to lose weight. My next shot at weight loss was with pre-packaged diet foods.  That plan backfired and I gained 30 pounds. While looking for another method of dieting, I found a few HCG Ultra reviews and decided to give the program a try. I started using the HCG drops and have lost 35 pounds in 40 days and my husband lost 37 pounds in 40 days. I watch what I eat and the more weight I lose, the more I am motivated to continue. We are both happier with our loves and with renewed energy we are able to keep up with the kids. It is all thanks to HCG Ultra Diet.